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1. What is the purpose of this Privacy Policy?

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy) defines the basic rules and conditions for the processing of personal data that all users of the website (hereinafter referred to as the Clients) (hereinafter referred to as the Website) must abide by.
The Client is deemed to have become aware of and expresses its consent to the Privacy Policy when visiting the Website.
The Client who does not agree to any provision of this Privacy Policy shall terminate its access to the Website.

2. About TIKETA

The manager of the Website is the private limited liability company TIKETA (hereinafter referred to as the Manager), legal entity code 300037717, registered office address Ozo st. 14, Vilnius, information about the company is collected and stored at the Vilnius branch of the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania. Contact for personal data: e-mail:; tel. No. +370 618 07 405. Personal Data Officer: Rusnė Juozapaitienė (contact:

3. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information collected by the Manager about the Client that may be used to identify the Client and is stored electronically or otherwise.
Personal data includes any information, including Client’s name, address, IP address, e-mail address, telephone number, which the Manager collects about Clients for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy or in the Client’s separate consent or agreement with the Manager.
This data also includes the personal information of Clients in the public space that the Manager becomes aware of as a result of Client contacting the Manager on social media or through active actions on the Manager’s social media accounts.

4. How the Manager collects and uses Client’s Personal Data

The Manager needs the personal data of the Clients, which may be collected in the ways described below. In our Privacy Policy, we specify what to expect when a Manager collects personal data about:

  • persons in contact with the Manager;
  • Website visitors;
  • social media users who contact the Manager in any way through the Manager accounts on social media or participate in them actively.

5. What information do we collect?

We may collect, store and use the following types of information:

  • information about your computer and your visits to and use of this Website (including your IP address, geographic location, browser type, device from which you were redirected, visit duration and page views);
  • Contact details for the purpose of contacting you regarding your requests: name, surname, contact phone number, e-mail address, and correspondence text.

6. Contact us

The Website provides several ways you can contact the Manager. We accept, review, and respond to any notices we receive. If you contact us by e-mail, we shall process the following personal data of yours: your full name, e-mail address, and message text.
Such data shall be processed as a part of preparation for performance of the contract or in order to reply to your questions. Unless you provide your contact details, we shall be unable to contact you.
Please note that a software may be used for monitoring or blocking of e-mails, and that it is your duty to ensure your e-mails contain no illegal content.
Correspondence is retained for 2 years from the date of receipt of the message, except for information for which there are other terms set out in the Privacy Policy or legislation.
All personal data you provide in the course of cooperation are used for the purposes above, in order to review messages, and to administer and manage communication flows. We agree we shall never use your personal data in any publications that would allow for your identification, except where you expressly grant your consent.
Please note that we may need to contact you by regular mail, e-mail, or phone. If your personal data changes, please notify us immediately

7. Website visitors

7.1. Cookies

A cookie is a small alphanumeric file that, with your consent, we save to your browser or hard disk of your computer. We use different cookies for different purposes. Cookies also help us to distinguish you from other users of the Website, thus providing a more enjoyable experience of using the Website and allowing us to improve the Website.
Most browsers allow you to reject all cookies, and some browsers only allow you to reject third-party cookies. Thus you can take advantage of these possibilities. However, please note that blocking all cookies will adversely affect your use of the Website, and without cookies you will not be able to use all the services available on the Website.

(a) Absolutely necessary cookies.

These cookies are necessary for the operation of the Website. The basis for the data processed by such cookies is the proper performance of the contract by the Client visiting the Website and ensuring the quality and security of the visit by the Manager. These may be cookies, which allow the Client, for example, to log in and access protected areas of the Website, use the shopping cart function or other services.

(b) Analytical and/or performance cookies.

These cookies allow the Manager to identify and count visitors to the site and to monitor how visitors navigate through the Website using it. This helps the Manager improve the performance of the Website, for example, by ensuring that users can easily find what they are looking for. The basis for the processing of the data collected by these cookies is Client’s consent.

(c) Functional cookies.

These cookies are used for distinguishing Clients returning to the website. This allows the Manager to provide content tailored to the needs of the Clients, memorizing relevant information to the Clients. The basis for the processing of the data collected by these cookies is Client’s consent.
The abovementioned cookies are used for transmitting information over an electronic communications network.

The second type of cookies is to collect information for calculating attendance (gathering statistical information), to provide content in accordance with the interests of the Clients and to maintain the history of the visit. The Company does not use this type of cookies, but draws the Client’s attention to the fact that some of the Company’s partners may use this type of cookies, therefore, the Client should contact a specific Company Partner if it suspects that these types of cookies are being used without their consent.
A detailed list of cookies used on the Website can be found in the table below:

Tool Description of the cookie More information
Google Analytics It uses information about visitor behaviour on the Website, the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and visitors technical device data.
The result is statistical, not identifying the personal details of the visitors. The cookie is intended to ensure the smooth operation of the integrated Facebook service.

7.2. Third-party services

(a) Each time a Client visits the Website, the Manager collects information about Client’s use of the Website through third party software, Google Analytics. For example, the Client’s behaviour on the Website is recorded and its behavioural patterns are determined. This service is used to determine how many people visit the Website and its various parts. The information collected helps us to understand how the Website works and how the Manager could improve it. The Manager does not authenticate Clients and prevents Google Analytics from doing so. This information about your browsing may also be shared with other third parties who are working on optimizing our Website. All parties are listed in Clause 7.1.

(b) The Website contains YouTube videos. YouTube controls all information collected from individuals who view its content. The Service Provider’s YouTube Privacy Policy is available at

8. Social media

All information you provide to us through social media (including notifications and other communications) is controlled by the social network manager.

These cookies are used for distinguishing Clients returning to the website. This allows the Manager to provide content tailored to the needs of the Clients, memorizing relevant information to the Clients. The basis for the processing of the data collected by these cookies is Client’s consent.

The Website provides links to our accounts on social media. At present we have the following accounts:

We recommend you to read the privacy notices of third parties and to directly contact the service providers if you have any doubts on the way they use your personal data.

9. Disclosure of data

We may disclose information about you to our employees, managers, intermediaries, service providers or subcontractors (in which case the Manager shall act as a data controller) if that is reasonably necessary for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

We can further disclose the following personal data:

  • if we are required to do so by law;
  • in order to protect our rights or interests (including disclosure of your personal data to the third parties in order to recover your outstanding debts to us);
  • intending to sell part of the Manager’s business or its assets, disclosing your personal data to a potential buyer of the business or part of the business;
  • upon sale of the Manager’s business or a substantial part of its assets to third parties.

Your personal data will not be transferred to a third country and/or international organization located in countries that do not provide an adequate level of data protection.

We do not share your personal data with any third parties, except for the cases listed in the Privacy Policy.

Since the list of recipients or categories of recipients indicated in the Privacy Policy is subject to change, if you prefer to be informed of any changes of the recipients of your personal data, please contact us by e-mail at,and indicate “I prefer to be informed of any changes of recipients of my personal data, full name”.

10. Third party material and third party websites

Our Website may contain advertising from third parties. Such third parties are solely responsible for the content of such advertising and are responsible for ensuring that it complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

You may visit third party websites at your own risk. We assume no liability, direct or indirect, for the content contained therein, the accuracy of the information contained therein, the opinions expressed therein or the quality of the goods and services offered by a third party.

Our information material may include information the source of which are third party websites. Material taken from a third party website will be appropriately flagged and may include a link to the original website. We are not liable for any material posted on the third party website to which the Client is referred to for more information about the event, nor for the personal data used by such third party.

11. Security of your personal data

Your personal data will be processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the Law on Legal Protection of the Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, and other regulations. By managing your personal data, we implement organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, modification, disclosure, and any other unlawful processing.

12. Your rights

This chapter provides information on your rights pertaining the processing of your personal data we conduct, as well as cases when you can exercise said rights. For more information on your rights or exercise of the same, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

12.1. Right to withdraw your consent

If you have provided your consent to process your personal data, you can withdraw the same at any time by contacting us at: The Manager will provide you, without undue delay and no later than 1 month after receipt of the request, with information on the action taken in response to your request for the exercise of your rights. Depending on the complexity of your request and the number of requests we receive, said time-limit may be extended for 2 more months; however, if this is the case, we shall inform you of such extension of the time-limit and relevant reasons within a month after we receive your request.

12.2. Right to access your personal data

It is our intention that you fully understand the way we use your personal data, and you suffer no inconvenience as a result. Feel free to contact us anytime and enquire whether we process any personal data of yours. In case we store or use your personal data, regardless of the method, it is your right to access such data. To do so, please provide us with a written request at the following e-mail address:, and identify yourself; if you provide such a request, please respect the principle of good faith and reasonableness.

12.3. Right to seek additional information

We trust you understand that providing information on every possible method of collection and use of personal data is complicated. It is our intention to provide you with information that is most transparent and complete; we further agree to update the Privacy Policy in the event of any change to the way we process personal data. If you still have any questions about the way we use your personal data, we shall be happy to reply or provide you with further information that we can disclose. If you have any specific questions or do not understand the information provided, please contact us.

12.4. Additional rights

Below you can find information on the additional rights that you have; you can exercise these rights in line with the procedure below.

(a) You may request us to correct any errors in the data available. We can then ask for your confirmation of the information after it is corrected.

(b) You may request deletion of your personal data. Please note that we shall respect such a request provided:

  • your personal data is no longer required for the accomplishment of the purposes it was collected (for instance, we may need your personal data in order to reply to your messages);
  • collection, storage or use of personal data by us is prohibited by law;
  • your personal data is no longer required for the purpose of establishment, implementation or protection of a legal claim, such as in judicial proceedings.

(c) You may request restriction of the scope of processing of your data, or request us to no longer process such data:

  • in the period we need to make sure that your personal data is exact, should you file a claim concerning precision of such data;
  • when collection, storage, or use of your data, that we conduct, is illegal, however, you have not requested deletion of the data;
  • when your personal data is no longer required, however, when we still need it so as to establish, implement, or protect a legal claim;
  • in the period we need to determine existence of a more important legal basis for continued processing of your personal data, should you object such processing on our account.

(d) You have a right to portability of the data we have received from you, with your consent, or for the purposes of entry into a contract. Should you use the said right, we shall, upon your request, transfer a copy of the data you have provided.

(e) You may refuse processing of your personal data as follows:

  • when we use such data acting in our own legitimate interests, however, when we no longer have a more important legal basis for a continued use of your personal data;

13. Complaints

If you believe that your rights as a data subject are and/or could be violated, please contact us immediately with a complaint sent to our e-mail at: We only undertake to contact you within a reasonable time after receiving your complaint and to inform you of the progress of the complaint and subsequent outcome.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the investigation, you can file a complaint to the supervisory authority, the State Data Protection Inspectorate.

14. Liability

You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide to us is accurate, correct and complete. In no event will we be liable for any harm caused to you due to inaccurate or incomplete personal information provided by you or if you fail to inform us when such information is changed.

15. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may update or amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Such updated or amended Privacy Policy will take effect from the date it is published on our Website. You should occasionally check the Privacy Policy and make sure the version of the Privacy Policy in effect best meets your interests.

When we update our Privacy Policy, we will notify you of any, in our opinion, material changes, by posting such information on the Website. If you access the Website after such notice has been posted, you agree to the new requirements set out in the update. The update date shown at the bottom of the Privacy Policy shows the date when the Privacy Policy was last updated.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on 10/02/2020.

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