7 trends that stood out in the Cannes festival

In June, the 66th Cannes Film Festival took place in southern France, attracting the business elite that come there to collect their Oscars of advertising and communication and to draw the trends for the nearest future. After doing a little research, we picked out the biggest trends – feel free to read and take them into account.

The largest companies are increasing their investments in series of high-quality articles and video  stories where they teach how to use their products or services. Adapt it to your situation. For example, show clients how to make best use of your event: where and at what angle to set up tents, how to reach this or that space, etc. Give them content that will help the spectators enjoy the event.

The statistics are clear: the millennials are more likely to choose those products or services whose brands are socially friendly, whose work is meaningful and contributes to the public good or the global well-being. Although events are attended by various generations and not just the millennials, by doing good you can expect similar returns irrespective of the age of your audience. You can start from small trendy details, such as reduction of the use of plastics during your events.

A sense of purpose is inseparable from honesty, senses, and emotions. They penetrate the advertising world as well. The advertisements presented at this year’s Cannes festival had a special focus on thought-provoking stories that touch human emotions. The ads moved from comedy to drama. So we need more drama!

Consumers want experiences. Lots of them. All sorts of them. Seeing and hearing are no longer enough for them. They want to touch, smelland taste. Think how you can create more experiences in your events. Everything in one place is a future that’s almost here.

People have become much more aware (at least in the realm of advertising). They recognise ads not only on TV, radio, or print, but also on social media. They recognise and understand that advertisers often use “perfect” people for their ads. In the event business, we usually use images of performers in our ads, but sometimes we find actors for this purpose. Don’t be afraid to include genuine faces and stories in your ad campaigns – this way you will identify with real people more quickly and become closer with them.

We are drowning in ever increasing flows of information. Unsurprisingly, statistics show that people remember and notice less and less ads. How to avoid that? Cannes Lions encourage us to be bold and implement ideas that at a first glance might seem silly.

Finally, the message that was told in this year’s Cannes Lions the most often seems to be: consumer first. Whatever you do, think about your spectator first. Communicate with them, not to them, be with them, not close to them. And finally be responsive – act and talk with them like you would with a good friend that has come by.

The most exceptional and awarded ads:

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