Find ways to attract future buyers today

Better late than sorry, as the saying goes. But for businesses it’s better sooner than later. If you want your events to be successful in terms of long-term sales, dedicate your time not only to those who are buying today, but also to the ones that will be buying tomorrow.

Here are 9 pieces of advice made specially for you, on how to reach, communicate and become friends with the new Z generation (born between 1995 and 2009) which can soon be regular visitors of your events.

  • Let’s co-operate with influencers. The young generation spends hours on the internet watching the videos or checking the photos of their human gods and goddesses. According to official statistics, 35 percent of people aged 15 to 24 follow influencers on social media, but the actual data are probably a lot higher. Use that.
  • Whatever you do, it should be adapted to a mobile phone. The young generation can’t get their eyes away from their phones. so anything not adapted to a mobile phone irritates and repels them, and is doomed to fail. Start from your website – is it suitable for use on a mobile device?
  • And Instagram is the most important social network. Although Facebook is still number one, Instagram is quickly catching up, especially among young people. The most recent studies have shown that over 60 percent of the total audience on Instagram is aged 18 to 24. You must follow your audience. By the way, when creating your Instagram posts, don’t forget that photos are the most important factor there. And when posting pictures, you should add not only the hashtags but also the location and the people seen in that picture.
  • Communicate on social media. Post regularly, answer comments, participate in discussions and, of course, respond to the messages sent to you. If our grandparents like to communicate by talking, the young generation prefers writing. Moreover, they want a response here, now and for free. Give them that.
  • Use interactive tools that young people like, for instance, games or mobile apps. If these tools appear too complex, create videos and share them as Facebook or Instagram Stories, announce premieres or invite the audience to Watch Party. Don’t forget live broadcasts – they still work.
  • Talk their language. Remain professional, but don’t forget a sense of humour. Talk in simple phrases and stay fair whatever happens. Be sensitive and stimulate your audience’s senses.
  • Create stories and allow a peak behind the scenes. Reveal the unseen side of the performers, bring them out into the daylight. Show your workplace, you can even produce a mini series out of it!
  • Replace text with video. The young generation does not want to read, they want to watch. Furthermore, this generation has been growing up surrounded by astonishing images (video games, 3D graphics, HD TV, etc.), so any visuals you use must be of the highest possible quality.
  • Be visible at young people events. Look for ways to join the events organised by students. For instance, you may try to become a sponsor of a particular school or university sports team, regularly speak at conferences, or make a mini show at a celebration of school or college graduates.

In order to impress the young generation, having a good product is not enough. You also have to use modern means of marketing and learn to stimulate this audience’s senses. If you play everything right, you will definitely grab the young buyers’ attention and will likely turn them into loyal customers or at least ambassadors for many years to come.

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