For an event, LED screens are as necessary as audio and lights

If more than a decade ago LED screens were used only at expensive highest-level events, today they are an inseparable part of any event – as necessary as audio equipment and lighting solutions. Due to a very high definition and versatility, modern LED screens open up a wide range of opportunities for both enhancing the impression of and also gaining the maximum benefit from your event. We asked Seven Live’s Technical Project Manager Kastytis Šliužas about the latest trends and possibilities of these screens.

What is the role of LED screens in today’s events?

Today it’s difficult to imagine an event without LED screens, especially if the event is held in large spaces – arenas, stadiums or squares. LED screens have become as common place as lights and sounds without which no event can occur. Spectators are so used to seeing these screens that they often complain if they happen to be in an event with no such screens due to not being able to see the performers, bad scenography, etc. Our eyes became used to seeing this shining, flashing view so we are looking for it at events, too. LED screens gives an impression of a modern event. But these screens became popular not just because the spectators like them. They offered great many opportunities to event organisers as well. The creative potential of using LED screens is enormous.

In what sort of events the LED screens are used most often? What are those opportunities that they provide?

In concerts, LED screens allow the attendees to have a better view from up close on what’s happening on stage. Also, they are often used as an important piece of scenography where live broadcast is combined with pre-arranged visuals. Theatres and various dance performers also increasingly use screens in their creative ways. LED screens help to convey the visual information as well as enhance the impression and emotion.

Bigger or smaller LED screens have been an integral part of conferences and seminars for a long time, where their role is to inform. More and more of such screens find their way in sporting events. We are used to seeing LED screens in the form of cube in basketball games, and they are similarly used by other types of sports. LED screens allow the spectators sitting in the arena to see more statistical information and a better view of the court. Furthermore, during a sports game these screens are purposefully used for the ads of sponsors, logos and other promotional broadcasts.

What are the global trends of LED screens? Are they any different in Lithuania?

Both in Lithuania and worldwide the trends are similar – LED screens play an increasingly important role in events. As various technologies (not just the screens themselves) improve, there are more and more ways to use them, so they are used ever more creatively. Of course, there’s always room for improvement but the good thing is that we have the same technical capabilities as Western Europe and the US. In Lithuania, we have state-of-the-art, highest-quality LED screens that can be found on any market today. We just have to be bold enough to dream and look for solutions on how to creatively and effectively use them.

What are the capabilities of modern LED screens?

I would say, limitless. The screens let you show every idea of yours in a rather simple way. The advantage of modern LED screens is a very high light flux and brightness; therefore, they can be successfully used indoors and outdoors, in the sunshine and in the shade – the quality and brightness of the image will be equally good. Moreover, many LED screens can be divided into separate segments and placed in various shapes – not only in a usual rectangle or cube, but also attach them to, for example, columns, arcs, divided them in rows, etc. The weight of modern LED screens are much lighter. Due to their versatility, they can be used even for scenography solutions. Everything depends on your creativity and event’s budget.

What are your thoughts on the future of such screens?

I think that, at least for the time being, events will go along the trend they are currently following and LED screens will be one of the most important components of any event. If event’s organiser wants to enhance the impression and implement its visual concept, having screens is already a must.

Thank you.

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Take a look at the largest cube screen in Lithuania:

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