Turn your event into a corporate Christmas party

Everyone knows that businesses start preparing for Christmas and/or New Year’s parties in autumn. Ideally, in September. During the holiday season, companies are a great potential audience for your events, that can significantly increase your sales, but this requires effort, experience in and ideas on how to directly engage the B2B sector to make the holidays a truly impressive experience. Here are a few things to consider:

Date of event

For some companies the Christmas season is the busiest of all, so it is popular to organise holiday events not only in December, but also in January, and sometimes as early as November. If you can organise events during this period, use the opportunity to attract such audience.

Special price

The first simple, but effective, idea is to offer a client a special price for buying more tickets. Agnė Rudzinskienė, Head of Customer Service at TIKETA, notes that group sales usually get a discount of 10 percent, but the higher the discount, the greater the effect. Events sold with a 15 to 20 percent discount are considered more attractive by clients and get more group purchases. By the way, it is worth remembering that up to a third of all group purchases are made not by companies but by groups of friends who want to celebrate together, so don’t forget them either.

Size of the company

Since companies greatly differ in sizes, offer several individual service options for different-size groups of people. Judging from our experience, they usually comprises 30 to 40 persons.

Big/small events

It would be mistake to think that companies look only for large arena events for their parties. Companies, like people, are very different. Some choose to celebrate in a more classical environment. A theatre is one of those places. It is a popular venue among companies looking for a more cultural atmosphere.

The capital vs. other cities

This kind of events is attractive not only in the capital. Justina Meškevičiūtė, Deputy General Manager of Cido Arena in the town of Panevėžys, confirms this. According to her, Cido Arena attracts companies wanting to have a memorable event that are based outside Panevėžys. Therefore, you should make an offer to companies based not only in that city where the event will take place but also to the ones located in the surrounding towns.


Collaborate with the managers of the venue in order to make your offer as detailed as possible, including additional services. The larger arenas, such as Siemens Arena, can offer a wide range of services (lounges, other separated areas, catering/buffet service, parking, private entrance, and more). Usually, the smaller venues can also offer various options. Just contact the venue’s representatives and prepare an attractive offer that is beneficial to you and the venue.


These days people like to have everything ready-made. Invest time in this and offer several options so that the clients only have to choose the package that is most suitable to them and have a great celebration according to their needs.

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